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3 % off
Country Eggs (Nadan Kozhi Mutta)-Farm Fresh Country eggs-6 nos

7 % off
Elite choco orange cake - 120g

7 % off
elite choco pineapple cake - 120g

5 % off
Elite Brown Bread - 450g

13 % off
iD Malabar parota 400g

ID Fresh Ready to Eat - Whole Wheat Parota

iD Idli Dosa Batter 1kg

ID Fresh Batter - Idly and Dosa

Elite Half Cooked Chapati 10 pcs

Elite Sandwich delight White Bread -400g

Elite Milk N Sugar Magic Sweet Bread-400g

2 % off
Amul Cheese (10 slices) - 200g

Fruitomans Tomato sauce - 200g

Fruitomans Chilly sauce - 200g

8 % off
Fruitomans Soya sauce - 200g

3 % off
Fruitomans Tomato Sauce - 1kg

9 % off
Fruitomans Mixed Fruit Jam - 100g

6 % off
Fruitomans Chilli Sauce - 1Kg

3 % off
Amul Malai Paneer - 200g

10 % off
Milky Mist Paneer (200g)

4 % off
Milky Mist Curd Dahi

2 % off
Milky Mist Curd Dahi (400g)

3 % off
Milky Mist Curd (500g)

4 % off
Amul pasteurised Butter - 100g

Happy Mixed Fruit Jam - 100g

Kissan Mixed Fruit Jam - 100gm

6 % off
Elite Easy Palappam Mix - 500g


Pappadam ( Small )

4 % off
Chicken Eggs (Kozhi Mutta)-Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs-6 Nos

Milma Milk Rich Plus 500ml (Orange)

Milma Milk (475ml)

1 % off
American Garden Original BBQ Sauce - 510g

4 % off
GoodLife Toned Milk - 500ml

American Garden hot sauce - 88ml

Foodro Online Grocery Shopping

The online supermarket revolution is here and Foodro is taking over command! Kerala’s largest online grocery store, Foodro, is now live and ready to serve all your home and personal needs. We have an array of world-class products across different categories of produce such as fruits & vegetables, oils & spices, rice & other grains, meat & fish, bakery & dairy, etc. On top of these, we also provide a number of checkout-ready items that include beverages, snacks, personal care products, baby & kids products, cleaning & household equipments, home & kitchenware and pet care products.

Foodro is empowering your grocery shopping experience with high quality items, on-time delivery and an easy returns policy. Logging onto a website and choosing the items you want has never been easier. Our website is comprehensive yet fast loading and easy to use, enabling you to shop faster without any hassles and order right to your home in no time.

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How it works

Using Foodro is as easy as one, two and three. First and foremost, download the Foodro app or logon to the Foodro website where you can browse through various products or search for a particular item. An option to add products to the shopping cart is always visible on screen. Once you are done, you will be directed to the address and delivery screen which contains fields to input an address. Here, you will also be able to choose a suitable time for delivery. Soon after, you will be redirected to the payment gateway. Choose your method of payment, cash, card or e-wallets and then, simply, wait for your doorbell to ring!

Foodro will deliver to your house the same day as your order. This lets you get on with the rest of your day’s work without the need to rush to the nearby supermarket. Our fast delivery times also take care of unwanted hassles such as queueing at the counter, dealing with incompetent shop floor workers and fuel costs for traffic jams.

Foodro Refund and Replacement Policy

Foodro’s easy replacement policy protects your claim to good quality and value for money. If a customer expresses dissatisfaction about a particular product and its quality, packaging, freshness or price, he/she may raise a dispute with the Foodro customer service team. The customer has the option of replacing the product or opt for an immediate refund. This ensures a smooth customer journey from start to finish, without distress.

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