The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted the majority of the world’s population and has drastically changed the way we live. People all around the world are forced to act quickly as they gain new facts and restrictions, and are compelled to make unplanned decisions. How to safely source a sufficient amount of food, how to easily access it, and how to know if the food is safe to eat has become a significant question asked by consumers all around the world. “From where can I purchase good quality goods and groceries online in India since my movement is restricted? Is this products safe for my family and me during Covid? Can the Coronavirus be spread through food? These have been very common questions since the last few months among the entire human race.

october 27 2020


The fear of widespread disease is causing consumers to avoid places like supermarkets and other places where people gather. Since the pandemic, people have been wary to move out of the safety of their homes. The Farmer’s markets around the world are closed. While online shopping for electronics, books, and clothes, has already become normal in our everyday life earlier, the outbreak of the virus resulted in the growth of online supermarkets. This made customers prefer to purchase their groceries online along with meat, fruits, and vegetables from online stores. The new circumstances have led to a shift in consumer behaviours, and the trend of online grocery purchase is ruling all over India especially in cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Hyderabad, and Kochi. Online grocery shopping seems to be a great relaxation and solution for both consumers and producers, especially farmers who otherwise wouldn’t be able to sell their products such as fruits, fresh vegetables, meat, and dairy.

november 1 2020


“The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated a shift towards the more digital world. Changes we make now will have lasting effects when the world economy starts to pick up again,” said Mukhisa Kituyi, the secretary-general of UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.) During the early days of the first lockdown in March, people responded to the Covid-19 crisis with much fear and anxiety, leading to panic buying of essential products and food staples. As cases continue to increase and the economy shrinks, the consumers slowly started adapting; people started shifting to online purchases. According to the survey results, the changes in online activities are likely to outlast the COVID-19 pandemic. Most respondents, especially those in Kochi and Bangalore said they’d continue shopping daily essentials and grocery online in the future. Fifty -nine percent of the consumers polled that they now shop online more frequently, thus making the biggest shift to digital.

november 7 2020


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november 11 2020

10 Reasons to try online grocery shopping stores

Compared to what you find at your traditional local grocery store, online grocery stores also have a wide variety of products available. Like any e-commerce business, online grocery shopping is a convenient and time-saving option for many people. Most of the big players in the online grocery store industry claim to have products available from over 1,000 brands. Foodro is one of the leading online grocery stores in India. It offers services in different regions across the country including Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Cochin. Apart from that, you can see all the special offers and deals in one place if you shop online. The customers would also find the product discovery is easier.

Easy Returns

Customers are at a disadvantage of not being able to check the quality of the products before purchasing them online. When it comes to perishable items, this, in particular, is a big issue. However, most major services follow a `no questions asked' return policy if the buyers find their products are defective in any way. People can contact customer care and they will be initiating refunds and taking care of the return process.

Delivery Options

While you shop online you might find a variety of delivery options. Almost all major sellers in this online market offer their customers the same day delivery (as long as some conditions are met). Some online stores provide you a delivery within a few hours of placing the order. Apart from this, buyers are often offered the option to choose a delivery time slot that will be suitable for them. Further, many stores work 7 days a week and you do not have to worry about the working hours or holidays.

Deals and Offers

Online stores keep offering rewards, discounts, and loyalty points to attract more customers to buy their products. Some online shopping websites offer daily deals with discounts on specific products. Besides, some sites offer bundle packages to entice buyers. Apart from that, the grocery buyers often get an option to apply discount vouchers coupons for additional savings like any e-commerce site. Some stores also offer their customers loyalty points on purchases and these points can be used later as currency for more purchases.

Saves Time

A big advantage of shopping online is you that can shop for groceries anywhere and anyplace. Considering today's busy lifestyles, you get an option to place an order at the convenience of your home or on your way back from work and even on a Smartphone.

Less Stressful

People can simply search for a specific item in a particular brand and add that product to their cart instead of looking around for products. Also, you do not have to waste time standing in queues since the checking out is instant. Hence, you can save time that would otherwise be wasted in traveling to and from a traditional grocery store.

Many Varieties to Choose From

It is easy to compare product prices with an increasing number of grocery stores. You can browse through various portals to find the lowest price for any product. With the growth in the number of online shopping stores, many consumers are expected to shop for groceries from online websites more frequently in the future.

Quick Price Comparisons

In offline shopping or shopping from a brick and mortar shop, the only option to find out the best price for a product will be by visiting multiple shops. However, the comparison of price is much easier and is a matter of minutes while shopping online.


Curiosity is a basic human characteristic. One of the major reasons why a lot of buyers who have until now been satisfied with traditional grocery shopping will try out online stores is curiosity. The online shopping experience not only provides a good shopping experience but also satisfy their curiosity.


In-store grocery shops often impose restrictions in terms of availability time frames but online stores provide consumers with many advantages. Apart from that, these online grocery stores help their consumers to plan their food or grocery shopping from order to delivery. Hence online grocery stores fit flexibly into their daily schedule.

Home Delivery

Many online food retailers offer home delivery service to their customers. Therefore customers can save their valuable time otherwise wasted on traveling to the stores. Moreover, customers no longer need to struggle with heavy shopping bags. With the help of online shopping websites, the life of individuals, especially older people is made much easier.

november 22 2020


The COVID-19 has impacted the daily life of numerous people. In an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19, individuals have changed drastically in how much they produce and consume. According to surveys, expenses on, grocery delivery, air travel, public transit, and other categories changed tremendously from week to week during the early stage of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Consumers who earlier preferred in-store grocery shopping now started going digital to avoid constant visits to supermarkets and stores during the pandemic.

Health And Hygiene Priorities Came Up

After seven months of complete lockdown, safety, health, and hygiene have raised to the top of the priority list for everybody including businesses and individuals. In the online shopping trend too, a tremendous and notable shift in consumer behaviour has moved from aggressively shopping for beauty products and fashion apparel to products for better health and hygiene.

It’s no longer clothes or furniture or makeup products that people want to purchase online. Even when it comes to purchasing everyday essentials and groceries, peoples are increasingly turning online, amid the pandemic. A recent study indicates that online grocery shopping is likely to increase me more than two-fold as more shoppers are currently ordering daily goods online.

Post lockdown, the demand for the health and hygiene segment increased to 32 percent, underscoring the changing consumer behaviour where products in the health well-being department are given much higher priority as compared to other lifestyle products. We, Foodro, helps in bringing comfort to our customers by delivering all essential hygienic and health products at your doorstep

Online Shopping And Hyper Local Deliveries Are The Way Forward

In today’s fast-changing modern world, where the internet and technology have defeated people peoples mind, they prefer quick, easy doorstep deliveries—and this applies to grocery shopping too.

Is The Online Grocery Shopping Trend Here To Stay?

The outbreak of Covid 19 has reshaped the way online businesses function especially for the country's e-commerce industry. The present crisis has presented a plethora of opportunities for the entire world to evolve and thrive.

When the economies across the world gradually start to reopen, life might slowly get back to normal, but to a new normal. However, the impact of the pandemic has changed both businesses and the entire humanity on a large-scale in an unprecedented way. India has been among the worst-hit countries with the number of active cases soaring each day. This situation of the pandemic has reshaped the way businesses function and for the country’s e-commerce industry. One of the key elements resulting in this evolution of the highly lucrative e-commerce industry is the changing consumer behaviour. Online shopping recently by the widespread of the pandemic has gained immense and drastic transformation recent times

Even though the pandemic has resulted in a massive portion of consumers to shop online, it’s clear that this trend will extend beyond the introduction of the vaccine. The outbreak has pushed out the consumers out of their normal routines. Consumers are adapting to new habits and practices that will continue in the long term.

Top 8 Reasons Given By Shoppers Claiming Why The Online Trend Is Here To Stay

What are some reasons that many people started loving online shopping and why is it so popular? The following are the reasons which motivate online shoppers to buy products online

  • Saves time and effort.
  • Wide variety and range of products are available.
  • Good discounts and lower prices compared to offline stores.
  • Get detailed information about the product.
  • We can compare various models and brands.
  • Convenience of shopping at home
  • Shopping is made easier and convenient for the customer through the internet
  • It is also easy to cancel the transactions.

Foodro, Your Online Saviour

With a variety of ready to eat food, groceries, meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, household products that are available in the market, you will be able to meet all your necessities at Foodro .Being your trusted grocery shopping partner, Foodro offers you services like doorstep delivery, quick refunds, cash on delivery, and secured payment options. So, what you are waiting for? Browse Foodro to avail the best discounts & deals on your daily essentials!

november 23 2020