The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted the majority of the world’s population and has drastically changed the way we live. People all around the world are forced to act quickly as they gain new facts and restrictions, and are compelled to make unplanned decisions. How to safely source a sufficient amount of food, how to easily access it, and how to know if the food is safe to eat has become a significant question asked by consumers all around the world. “From where can I purchase good quality goods and groceries online in India since my movement is restricted? Is this products safe for my family and me during Covid? Can the Coronavirus be spread through food? These have been very common questions since the last few months among the entire human race.

october 27 2020


The fear of widespread disease is causing consumers to avoid places like supermarkets and other places where people gather. Since the pandemic, people have been wary to move out of the safety of their homes. The Farmer’s markets around the world are closed. While online shopping for electronics, books, and clothes, has already become normal in our everyday life earlier, the outbreak of the virus resulted in the growth of online supermarkets. This made customers prefer to purchase their groceries online along with meat, fruits, and vegetables from online stores. The new circumstances have led to a shift in consumer behaviours, and the trend of online grocery purchase is ruling all over India especially in cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Hyderabad, and Kochi. Online grocery shopping seems to be a great relaxation and solution for both consumers and producers, especially farmers who otherwise wouldn’t be able to sell their products such as fruits, fresh vegetables, meat, and dairy.

november 1 2020


“The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated a shift towards the more digital world. Changes we make now will have lasting effects when the world economy starts to pick up again,” said Mukhisa Kituyi, the secretary-general of UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.) During the early days of the first lockdown in March, people responded to the Covid-19 crisis with much fear and anxiety, leading to panic buying of essential products and food staples. As cases continue to increase and the economy shrinks, the consumers slowly started adapting; people started shifting to online purchases. According to the survey results, the changes in online activities are likely to outlast the COVID-19 pandemic. Most respondents, especially those in Kochi and Bangalore said they’d continue shopping daily essentials and grocery online in the future. Fifty -nine percent of the consumers polled that they now shop online more frequently, thus making the biggest shift to digital.

november 7 2020


Why step out during a pandemic when you can get everything delivered home with the tap of a button? Foodro, one of the best online grocery stores in India guarantees same-day delivery and an easy replacement policy which saves your time, money, and effort. We are an online supermarket that offers supreme quality, the lowest prices, and unbeatable discounts with a passion for delivering quality products with superior value. We offer a wide range of products for your everyday needs including fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh and frozen meats and seafood, hygiene products, kitchen products, baby products, and a wide variety of bread and other packaged bakery products. At Foodro our food pickers choose the freshest produce with the longest sell-by dates, carefully selecting fruits and vegetables as if they were shopping for themselves. We also offer high-quality meat products from farm-fed animals, delivered through home delivery service. Our great services are available at Kochi, Chennai, and Bangalore. Our team is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our valued customers through these tough times all our delivery agents are equipped with masks, gloves, and pocket sanitizers. Now, save time as well as money by stocking up your routine grocery shopping only from Foodro. You can rely upon as we source only the highest quality products delivered directly to your door.

november 11 2020

10 Reasons to try online grocery shopping stores

Compared to what you find at your traditional local grocery store, online grocery stores also have a wide variety of products available. Like any e-commerce business, online grocery shopping is a convenient and time-saving option for many people. Most of the big players in the online grocery store industry claim to have products available from over 1,000 brands. Foodro is one of the leading online grocery stores in India. It offers services in different regions across the country including Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Cochin. Apart from that, you can see all the special offers and deals in one place if you shop online. The customers would also find the product discovery is easier.

Easy Returns

Customers are at a disadvantage of not being able to check the quality of the products before purchasing them online. When it comes to perishable items, this, in particular, is a big issue. However, most major services follow a `no questions asked' return policy if the buyers find their products are defective in any way. People can contact customer care and they will be initiating refunds and taking care of the return process.

Delivery Options

While you shop online you might find a variety of delivery options. Almost all major sellers in this online market offer their customers the same day delivery (as long as some conditions are met). Some online stores provide you a delivery within a few hours of placing the order. Apart from this, buyers are often offered the option to choose a delivery time slot that will be suitable for them. Further, many stores work 7 days a week and you do not have to worry about the working hours or holidays.

Deals and Offers

Online stores keep offering rewards, discounts, and loyalty points to attract more customers to buy their products. Some online shopping websites offer daily deals with discounts on specific products. Besides, some sites offer bundle packages to entice buyers. Apart from that, the grocery buyers often get an option to apply discount vouchers coupons for additional savings like any e-commerce site. Some stores also offer their customers loyalty points on purchases and these points can be used later as currency for more purchases.

Saves Time

A big advantage of shopping online is you that can shop for groceries anywhere and anyplace. Considering today's busy lifestyles, you get an option to place an order at the convenience of your home or on your way back from work and even on a Smartphone.

Less Stressful

People can simply search for a specific item in a particular brand and add that product to their cart instead of looking around for products. Also, you do not have to waste time standing in queues since the checking out is instant. Hence, you can save time that would otherwise be wasted in traveling to and from a traditional grocery store.

Many Varieties to Choose From

It is easy to compare product prices with an increasing number of grocery stores. You can browse through various portals to find the lowest price for any product. With the growth in the number of online shopping stores, many consumers are expected to shop for groceries from online websites more frequently in the future.

Quick Price Comparisons

In offline shopping or shopping from a brick and mortar shop, the only option to find out the best price for a product will be by visiting multiple shops. However, the comparison of price is much easier and is a matter of minutes while shopping online.


Curiosity is a basic human characteristic. One of the major reasons why a lot of buyers who have until now been satisfied with traditional grocery shopping will try out online stores is curiosity. The online shopping experience not only provides a good shopping experience but also satisfy their curiosity.


In-store grocery shops often impose restrictions in terms of availability time frames but online stores provide consumers with many advantages. Apart from that, these online grocery stores help their consumers to plan their food or grocery shopping from order to delivery. Hence online grocery stores fit flexibly into their daily schedule.

Home Delivery

Many online food retailers offer home delivery service to their customers. Therefore customers can save their valuable time otherwise wasted on traveling to the stores. Moreover, customers no longer need to struggle with heavy shopping bags. With the help of online shopping websites, the life of individuals, especially older people is made much easier.

november 22 2020


The COVID-19 has impacted the daily life of numerous people. In an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19, individuals have changed drastically in how much they produce and consume. According to surveys, expenses on, grocery delivery, air travel, public transit, and other categories changed tremendously from week to week during the early stage of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Consumers who earlier preferred in-store grocery shopping now started going digital to avoid constant visits to supermarkets and stores during the pandemic.

Health And Hygiene Priorities Came Up

After seven months of complete lockdown, safety, health, and hygiene have raised to the top of the priority list for everybody including businesses and individuals. In the online shopping trend too, a tremendous and notable shift in consumer behaviour has moved from aggressively shopping for beauty products and fashion apparel to products for better health and hygiene.

It’s no longer clothes or furniture or makeup products that people want to purchase online. Even when it comes to purchasing everyday essentials and groceries, peoples are increasingly turning online, amid the pandemic. A recent study indicates that online grocery shopping is likely to increase me more than two-fold as more shoppers are currently ordering daily goods online.

Post lockdown, the demand for the health and hygiene segment increased to 32 percent, underscoring the changing consumer behaviour where products in the health well-being department are given much higher priority as compared to other lifestyle products. We, Foodro, helps in bringing comfort to our customers by delivering all essential hygienic and health products at your doorstep

Online Shopping And Hyper Local Deliveries Are The Way Forward

In today’s fast-changing modern world, where the internet and technology have defeated people peoples mind, they prefer quick, easy doorstep deliveries—and this applies to grocery shopping too.

Is The Online Grocery Shopping Trend Here To Stay?

The outbreak of Covid 19 has reshaped the way online businesses function especially for the country's e-commerce industry. The present crisis has presented a plethora of opportunities for the entire world to evolve and thrive.

When the economies across the world gradually start to reopen, life might slowly get back to normal, but to a new normal. However, the impact of the pandemic has changed both businesses and the entire humanity on a large-scale in an unprecedented way. India has been among the worst-hit countries with the number of active cases soaring each day. This situation of the pandemic has reshaped the way businesses function and for the country’s e-commerce industry. One of the key elements resulting in this evolution of the highly lucrative e-commerce industry is the changing consumer behaviour. Online shopping recently by the widespread of the pandemic has gained immense and drastic transformation recent times

Even though the pandemic has resulted in a massive portion of consumers to shop online, it’s clear that this trend will extend beyond the introduction of the vaccine. The outbreak has pushed out the consumers out of their normal routines. Consumers are adapting to new habits and practices that will continue in the long term.

Top 8 Reasons Given By Shoppers Claiming Why The Online Trend Is Here To Stay

What are some reasons that many people started loving online shopping and why is it so popular? The following are the reasons which motivate online shoppers to buy products online

  • Saves time and effort.
  • Wide variety and range of products are available.
  • Good discounts and lower prices compared to offline stores.
  • Get detailed information about the product.
  • We can compare various models and brands.
  • Convenience of shopping at home
  • Shopping is made easier and convenient for the customer through the internet
  • It is also easy to cancel the transactions.

Foodro, Your Online Saviour

With a variety of ready to eat food, groceries, meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, household products that are available in the market, you will be able to meet all your necessities at Foodro .Being your trusted grocery shopping partner, Foodro offers you services like doorstep delivery, quick refunds, cash on delivery, and secured payment options. So, what you are waiting for? Browse Foodro to avail the best discounts & deals on your daily essentials!

november 23 2020

How to save money on online groceries

It is important to save cash and reduce expenditure when shopping online for groceries. Foodro is an affordable grocery e-commerce store that offers Home delivery and the Same day delivery services to its customers. It is important to find ways to purchase necessary items without leaving home, especially with the COVID-19 outbreak. Some people believe buying groceries online makes it difficult to save money. However, it is easier to stay on budget when shopping remotely compared to in-store shopping. Here are some ways to save money on online grocery shopping:

Alerts When Items Go on Sale or Come in Stock

Many websites and retail apps provide their users with features that alert them if certain items go on sale or come in stock. These features are especially great if the customers are waiting for a product that is in short supply to be back in stock. Moreover, your smartphone may alert you that the online store now has the item you need. Hence, you can buy the item on the spot without having to visit a shop to check if they have re-stocked that item first. Besides, you can avoid overspending on particular items by setting price alerts. Foodro, one of the top 10 online grocery stores in India, always alerts its customers when items are back in stock.

If You are not Browsing, you will Spend Less

Wandering the aisles of a brick and mortar store puts you face-to-face with endless temptations. Further, every shelf might contain some items you were not planning on buying. In contrast, shopping online stationary or online cut vegetables from home can make it easier to stick to your list. Although you might see some “related items” or ads and on the website, it is nothing compared to a wide variety of things you find in every aisle of the traditional supermarket. Moreover, you can easily search for an item you need, add it to your cart and move on.

Easier to do Shopping by Comparison

If you compare prices from different stores you visit and keep track of the price variations, it will be a difficult task. However, with online shopping, you can easily compare the prices and flip from one website to another hassle-free. You can check what prices each store is asking from the comfort of your home. If you are a customer who uses gas and time to drive all over town, comparison shopping face-to-face can be a money-loser for you.

Download Individual Store Apps

Online grocers or retailers might often want you to use or download their apps whenever possible. Besides, some online store owners will be so keen on it that they might even offer you bonuses to do so. You can get free delivery, a one-time discount, or some other perk by using a store’s dedicated app. It is advised not to commit to one store until you have tried multiple competitors. You might like the delivery options from one store better than another, or the products, or even the features of their app. People can also use social media to ask their family and friends which apps or stores they use. Rather than relying on search results that might be outdated, it is always better to seek out fresh information. Try different apps from a variety of stores until you find the best store that gives you everything you want. You might also come across some online stores that offer you the latest products and big discounts.

Never Pass Up Bonus Offers

Ensure that you don’t pass up any offers or bonuses while using the stores’ apps to shop. Link the loyalty card to your online account if you have one. This will notify you of the right coupons and discounts. Some buyers are often concerned about letting sellers track what they purchase. That’s valid, but ultimately, their true intention will be to make you a loyal shopper for life. Most retailers often use the information they gather to give you what you want and tailor the shopping experience for you. However, if you do not want the information about the products you buy to be tracked, you can put the items you purchase on a separate shopping list and then purchase that in-store sometime.

december 5 2020

Online grocery shopping trends booming in 2020

In the first several months of the crisis, food retailers have seen a rise in online shopping trends. The pandemic profoundly and suddenly changed online grocery shopping trends recently. People generally prefer buying grocery, Accessories, Mobile Phones, their Clothes, Dresses, Shoes, TVs and all electronic items from Online Supermarkets. Since most of these stores offer Home delivery services. Rather than going to the shop physically, shoppers nowadays prefer ordering Online stationery, Online cut vegetables, or Online vegetables from the comfort of their homes. Besides, during the first months of the pandemic, virtually all retailers with online sales saw a hike in their online sales.

Online grocery shopping in India is very common these days. Foodro, for instance, is a leading grocery e-commerce store that delivers its products to a wide range of customers across India. Consumers’ inclination towards expediency is now revealed by an online grocery shopping boom. Online grocery has now become an alternative path to success for the retail sector. Apart from that, online grocery has boomed due to its unparalleled expediency particularly in the consumer electronics space. One of the main benefits of the e-commerce space includes ordering grocery products, Online Chicken, or Online fruits from the comfort of home or mobile devices. Many retailers and brands in the online grocery sector an advanced set of competencies as well as skills to succeed. Further, Online grocery is a quickly developing and massive retail sector.

Nowadays, many consumers across the world look for online shopping options since they provide them easy, fast, and effortless experience. The grocery will always be one of the most essential needs of our daily life. Realizing its potential, many start-ups including some of the big companies cater to this Online Grocery Business in many towns and cities. and some have not.Govt. imposed many restrictions on Visiting Public Places and Huge Gathering with the current pandemic or COVID-19 crisis everywhere in the country. Moreover, there are many other restrictions like Lockdowns or Shutdowns to ensure to stop the spread of the deadly virus. Considering the current situation, the Online Shopping is the safest and most viable way to buy your Monthly/Daily Essentials for Home.

Foodro, being one of the most renowned and trusted online platforms in the Online Grocery Shopping segment. Only top-notch Quality Products are supplied at Foodro. Also, the products are available for Consumers at a very affordable price. You can find all products of Foodro to be Freshly packed as well as 100% natural. This online grocery store serves the customers in the most efficient way possible. The customers can get their items delivered at their doorstep. Furthermore, they can easily order online. The pricing structure at Foodro is very competitive for Grocery Items. We might see a reduced number of people in the offline stores in the next few years as most of the shopping will be moving online. Also, improved delivery methods like robust logistics will further add to the growth of online grocery stores. Traditionally, most people in our country did their grocery shopping in supermarkets. However, people have switched to online shopping with the current pandemic situation. Affluent, urban, and young households seem to be embracing this trend most vigorously.

In the past several months, many shoppers have tried online grocery for the first time. Apart from that, experts now have a good reason to believe that shoppers are unlikely to give up on their novel practice anytime soon. The transitioning of the customers from brick and mortar stores to online shops is now compelling grocers to rethink their business strategy. Powerful trends such as technological developments and evolving consumer attitudes are expected to disrupt grocery businesses from coast to coast in the forthcoming years. The online grocery market will continue to gain momentum with technological innovations emerging as a powerful trend. To mitigate challenges in fulfillment of last-mile delivery, many brick-and-mortar stores have already adopted innovative models of operation. Last-mile delivery and picking up orders are the two pillars of eCommerce that add operating costs to an already narrow margin business. Therefore, many large grocers are expected to turn to automation or other technological improvements. With busier lifestyles, more and more people are choosing online stores instead of brick and mortar shops nowadays.

december 5 2020

Benefits of online grocery shopping during covid-19

Online grocery stores avail a wide variety of products to their customers compared to traditional grocery stores. Like any e-commerce business, you can see all deals special offers in one place while shopping grocery online. Apart from that product discovery is easier, unlike the brick and mortar stores. Further, some online grocery retailers typically stock some imported brands that are otherwise hard to find. Doing online grocery shopping during covid-19 can help the customers to maintain and follow good social distancing practices. Moreover, there are many health and budget benefits as well. You can order groceries online from the convenience of your home over the phone or using a grocery delivery app.

Delivery options

Many online grocery sellers including all major players in this space provide their customers with same-day delivery services as long as some conditions are met. Some retailers offer delivery within a few hours of placing an online order. Customers are also given an option to choose a delivery slot or time that is suitable for them. Besides, the majority of stores work 7 days a week. Therefore, buyers need not worry about holidays or working hours.

Easy returns of products

One of the main advantages of shopping groceries online is that many shopping websites offer an option to return or refund a defective item. If you find that the product is brought is not of good quality or damaged you can return it hassle-free since most major services follow a `no questions asked' return policy. You can do this by simply contact customer care and they will be taking care of the pickup, return as well as refund process.

Save travel costs and time

Considering the busy lifestyles of today, one of the major benefits of online shopping is that you can shop for groceries anyplace and anywhere. For instance, you can place orders using a smartphone while on your way back from work. Apart from that, buyers can simply search for a particular grocery item and easily add it to their cart Instead of having to travel around to look for products. People need not have to waste their time standing in queues anymore. Hence by placing orders online, you are saving energy and time that would otherwise be wasted in commuting to and from a grocery store.

Special Deals, discounts and offers

The online store owners often keep offering discounts, loyalty points, and rewards to attract more customers. Apart from that, some sites do offer discounts as well as daily deals on specific products. To entice buyers, some online retails also offer bundle packages at budget-friendly prices. You can also find some online websites or stores that give you loyalty points on purchases. These loyalty points can be later used as coins for more purchases in the same store.

Easy price comparisons between stores

Unlike offline shopping, you do not have to visit multiple stores while shopping online. Now, comparing the prices of different brands or items is a matter of minutes online. Nowadays it is easy to find the lowest price for any product and compare product prices on various portals with the increasing number of grocery stores.

Make your list while you shop

Making a list of products you need to purchase is essential when going to the grocery store. Online ordering makes it easier to make the list since all in most all the shopping sites, you can search for the products you want and then add them to your online cart. Furthermore, it is also easy to remove things from your shopping cart. It is also easy to compare and review your purchases once you have added your groceries to your online cart. Customers can also refer back to their recipes and then check their cupboards to ensure they have everything they need.

Delivered at your doorstep

You can now create a shopping list, add items to your cart, pay, and get groceries delivered at your doorstep with no hustle. Online grocery shops give you free time for yourself while they handle the crucial deliveries for you. Online grocery shopping is safe both for store owners and consumers especially during the time of the pandemic.

december 5 2020

Emerging trends in the rapidly changing world of online grocery shopping

Grocery Shopping

It is of no doubt that all grocery stories form the most central part of living. Grocery shopping is evolving & growing more digital in this technological era. Online grocery shopping is famous among people due to convenience. It is slated to evolve into a more significant momentum in the upcoming years. Grocery e-commerce giant Amazon has kick-started a revolution that paved the way to recent innovations in this sector. For instance, Amazon offers its very own cashier-less convenience store, Amazon GO.

Emerging Trends


Data forms the crux behind the emerging evolution of grocery e-commerce. It facilitates a better user experience through various grocery items as listed below:

  • Online vegetables
  • Online milk
  • Online fruits
  • Online meat
  • Online chicken
  • Online cut-vegetables
  • Online stationery
These items get sold through online supermarkets & a prompt home-delivery process. The trends in grocery e-commerce get a solid move-on through same-day delivery of various items to consumers. As part of keeping track of several various items preferred by customers, all grocery e-commerce companies make a list that includes the top 10 online grocery items. A list such as this forms formidable data that drive the emerging trends in the area of grocery e-commerce!

The benefits of data are plenty as it is! A grocer gets to analyze the data & use given information to review all customer’s needs. Analytics regarding grocery e-commerce include views, purchases, and returns. The grocers can use this data to assign appropriate prices to various products based on supply & demand. In due course, grocers get to balance out between the practice of collecting data and respecting a consumer’s privacy.

Pick-Up & Delivery

Pick-up & delivery forms a major area concerning the field of grocery e-commerce. Once the right prices get assigned to all products, consumers choose the products from various e-commerce websites (online grocery shops). The pick-up & delivery process helps out with an accessibility system. A highlight would be that many people with a disability find it useful to get groceries from online websites. The whole process is a way to compete and accumulate profit from a grocery e-commerce standpoint. Innovations in the pick-up & delivery process are an emerging trend everyone should watch-out for!

Digital Stores

Digital store is an upgrade to the grocery e-commerce sector. Grocers pace an innovative process through these digital stores. Upgrading online stores by making them digital via Artificial Intelligence techniques works wonders in attracting the right consumers. Personalized experiences form the crux behind amazing shopping exploits. The digital stores feature products with information, apt customer service, and more.


Online shopping in a digital mould has a different engagement process than regular experience. As the online shopping trend progresses engagement becomes a central conversation. All grocers attract consumers by engaging them as much as possible with offers, discounts, and much more. Customization of the online shopping process becomes easier with an apt engagement system in place. Grocers offer opportunities to consult experts for buying advice as well as product demonstrations with the right information about health & food. The overall engagement experience would be user-friendly, beneficial as well as enjoyable. An effective engaging system helps the whole grocery e-commerce to evolve.

Future of Emerging Trends

All the discussed trends work collectively yet have an individual charm as well. These compliment very well with the concept of grocery e-commerce. The evolution of the digital shopping experience is in the cards as a future of these emerging trends. An in-store experience gets improved all the time. Trends in grocery e-commerce get to stick on with plans devised by the grocers. The emerging trends become permanent once consumers get accustomed to it.


As discussed, the items involved in grocery e-commerce include online vegetables, online milk, online fruits, online cut-vegetables, online meat, and online chicken. It also involves online stationery. These get sold through online supermarkets via home delivery, which is a mode of same-day delivery. The emerging trends focus on a list of top 10 online grocery that attracts the right customers. Thus, it makes it necessary for you to take notice of various emerging trends in the rapidly changing world of online grocery shopping.

december 5 2020

Is It Worth It to Buy Groceries Online?

Visiting traditional brick and mortar grocery store is not an ideal chore if you are pressed for time. However, going with an online grocery delivery means you never have to set foot in a store. This will leave you more time to enjoy your family or work, and even allow you to take a few minutes for yourself. There has been a major shift by buyers to shopping online over the past few years. Besides, this trend has accelerated with the recent pandemic situation and lockdowns. Customers are willing to pay extra for home delivery since they value convenience over price. Moreover, ordering online has now become an easy and quick way to shop. Secure refrigerated lockers and click-and-collect food orders are the shopping channels of the future.

Shopping online considerably reduces impulse buys. Whether it is a sale item hanging out on an end-cap or a gossip rag set up in the checkout aisle, impulse buys can easily damage even your grocery budget. However, you can make your choices efficiently using a delivery service without being tempted by the products you buy because you are hungry or bored. When shopping online for your delivery service you can keep the unhealthy stuff out of your home and widely avoid the shelves of chips and cookies. Also, delivery fees are generally reasonable in online grocery shopping. This makes online stationery delivery a more cost-effective and simpler way to shop for your whole family. Often, online specials are available on many shopping websites.

By shopping online, you can enjoy several perks such as comparison shopping, ad matching, and using coupons. Comparing the prices of a specific product between different online stores helps you to save money and avoid unwanted spending. Furthermore, you can score great deals with online grocery specials that traditional store shoppers can’t get. The best part is that it only takes you a single click of a button from the convenience of your home to take advantage of the best online deals. You do not have to drive all over town to snag sale items at various offline supermarkets.

One of the main benefits of online shopping is that you can choose time-slots according to your convenience. Moreover, you will also be able to avoid the hassle of parking queues and crowds. Online stores usually send only the best quality and freshness to minimize customer complaints. Customers can also browse offers online at their leisure to get the best prices. Online grocery ordering usually gives customers the option of having either store collection or home delivery. Most stores offer you a time slot for your grocery collection or delivery. This makes online service more convenient than brick and mortar stores. You can easily fit your grocery shopping around your other commitments with an 18-hour delivery window to choose from, seven days a week. Shopping online means no negotiating the in-store crowds if you have to shop at peak times, no parking hassles as you search for a space in the shopping mall car park, and no queuing at the checkout to pay.

Dissatisfied customers complaining about having received poor quality goods is the last thing that a grocery store wants. Since it makes a lot of unnecessary and works for their customer complaints department, online stores often follow good practice of sending the freshest produce out on the home delivery orders. Many reputable stores will also give a guarantee that they will give you a refund if you are not happy with your delivery. Shopping online means you are saving expenditure on parking charges and gas. Apart from that, you will have time to browse all the special offers before placing the order.

One of the biggest pros of online grocery shopping these days is the ability it gives people to stay away from others. You do not have to worry about maintaining social distancing as you roam the store. Further, you need not have to mess around with putting on a mask and gloves. In this COVID-19 kind of world, shopping for groceries online lets you limit contact with others, which is a huge plus. Apart from that you can do price comparison while doing grocery shopping online and do budget-friendly shopping.

december 12 2020

The Unravelling of online grocery Shopping

The online virtual grocery market is growing exponentially to be promising & wonderful ventures to date! As a matter of fact, online grocery e-commerce websites showcase a large variety of goods to select from. These selectable good categories include the following items as listed. The list includes online vegetables, online cut-vegetables, online fruits, online milk, online meat, and online chicken along with online stationery that gets sold at online supermarkets. The items per list get supplied through home delivery, and in some cases, a same-day delivery schedule.

Reasons for Online Grocery Shopping to Gear Up!

The virtual purchases lead directly into the mainstream grocery business with several reasons influencing this trend. Let’s look into five prominent reasons why the online grocery e-commerce industry is booming!

Individuals & families purchase twice as much!

The population keeps increasing day-by-day and a certain purchasing power got imparted into families, societies, & communities. Families with more than one earning person are on the rise with portion of spending income also following suit! These monetary factors & the need of all men and women to eat are driving them into supermarkets; both online supermarkets & the grocery e-commerce sector as well. Some working-class get employed as home delivery as well as same-day-delivery people to get the groceries bought online into homes as well as refrigerators.

Affordable & Cost-Effective

Various giants in the grocery e-commerce sector such as Amazon Fresh offer coupons while the Big-Basket provides e-Gift Cards for attracting consumers for grocery shopping. Membership cards on almost all online supermarkets along with special off on festivals as well as once-a-month offer on Paytm by grocery e-commerce giants work well with consumers. Online retailers always bring in some offers that save any additional amount you spend on commute.

Wide Product Base

The online grocery e-commerce portal websites carry a wide variety of necessary as well as substitute products, which are readily available on demand. Amazon Fresh, Walmart Grocery, and Big Basket are mostly trusted online supermarkets that provide excellent home delivery & same-day-delivery services. Ordering online is definitely a wonderful idea if your sought-after product is unavailable in nearby stores! Keeping this in mind, all online supermarkets & other stores in the grocery e-commerce sector stock up a wide variety of products. People look out for quality brands and all these online supermarkets have them at affordable prices.

Brand Presence

Over a period of time, several online supermarkets have created a name as well as a brand value for themselves. For example, when one hears the names of Big Basket, Amazon Fresh, and Walmart Grocery their brains lit up with recognition as they have a rapport of providing high-quality goods along with a much-needed customer service that is excellent. Active awareness creation about a large product base & the right advertising tactics has worked wonders in their favor. These brands provide quality assured & certified products, referrals, and discounts along with user-friendly applications to all customers. They thrive on secure payment modes that attract customers to purchase all items including groceries online.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing seems to be the biggest advantage offered by the online grocery shopping process. The required products get displayed in various available brands, which provides you with the most viable deals. Online supermarkets make offers more attractive through coupons as well as various price discounts that are available due to tie-ups with banks & credible financial institutions. Online payment portals provide the facility of a secure payment process and competitive pricing makes the shopping experience interesting.


An online grocery e-commerce business takes the problem of rising prices for consumables and throws it out of a window making it convenient for all consumers. For example, you get to save the commuting fare while obtaining groceries straight at the door-step or fridge. What a wonderful way to welcome the onset of an online grocery shopping boom.

december 12 2020

Grocery E-Commerce

The grocery e-commerce sector is booming with the aid of the internet & technology. People get to buy all sorts of grocery such as online vegetables, online cut-vegetables, online milk, online meat, and online chicken among some online stationery supplies as well. These get delivered by online supermarkets. A mode of same-day delivery & the process of home delivery is engaged by grocery e-commerce sectors to be successful. Competition heats up among online supermarkets to deliver the top 10 online grocery items to consumers among others.

A lot of big & small online grocery e-commerce stores have popped up in this current technological era. These stores provide consumers the opportunity to find cheap ways by which groceries get ordered online. The online stores are set up to attract consumers through quality groceries at cheap & affordable prices. Some of the notable online stores include Amazon Fresh, Walmart Grocery, Jet, Peapod, Kroger, freshdirect, instacart, and Boxed.

Cheapest ways to order groceries online

With everyone forced to stay indoors due to the pandemic, and subsequent quarantine, buying groceries online becomes a safe option in every household. The online grocery stores have slashed their prices while putting in several offers for a cheaper way to order them.

Amazon Fresh, Walmart Grocery, and Jet

Grocery e-commerce giants Amazon Fresh, Walmart Grocery & Jet lead the way with cheap buying options online. For example, Amazon Fresh sell non-perishable grocery items at good value mainly to subscribers of Amazon Prime & Amazon Prime Student. Amazon offers home delivery of groceries in certain cities. Amazon Fresh is also available through invitations & free trials.

The InHome Delivery works well with a home delivery scheme where Walmart employees stock up your fridge with select groceries.

In 2016, Walmart purchased a grocery retailer named Jet as part of its evolution & easing into the business. Walmart upgraded the site especially for urban folk according to Winsight Grocery Business. Jet focuses on delivering groceries to all states in the USA & District of Columbia except Alaska as well as Hawaii.

Peapod, Kroger, and freshdirect

Peapod got established as one of the major players in the home delivery scene. The grocery items Peapod focuses on include those that require refrigeration or adequate freezing. These are made available to consumers at a cheap subscription amount. At Peapod, they focus on both same-day delivery & home delivery options. Next-day deliveries also get done by Peapod.

Many online grocery stores allow consumers to pick out groceries & get them from a certain section in their physical stores. Examples of these types of stores include Kroger, Safeway, Albertsons, and ShopRite to name a few.

Online grocery store such as freshdirect obtain all items freshly from respective farms & sell them at an affordable value. Fisherman & artisans provide them with fresh fish and cheese. High-quality staples get bought directly from the freshdirect.

Boxed, and instacart

Get high-quality grocery products in bulk through Boxed as it offers free delivery with no membership fees. Boxed offers a variety of products such as online vegetables, online cut-vegetables, online fruits, online milk, online meat, and online chicken along with online stationery. Get what you absolutely need through Boxed, one of the cheapest ways to order groceries online.

Online grocery e-commerce chains require good delivery services & instacart provides exactly the same to all its consumers. Buy groceries from select stores and instacart gets them for you. Speedy home delivery is a specialty of instacart, which also facilitates same-day delivery of grocery items at a very affordable value.


With these many options, it becomes easier for all people to buy groceries online at an affordable value. As is observed, these are some of the cheapest ways to order groceries online. High-quality fresh grocery items get delivered to your houses & refrigerators at a cheap as well as affordable value through these options.

december 12 2020

How is Online Shopping changing Grocery Shopping?

Convenience & kitchen experiments: the main use of groceries!

Nowadays it’s no wonder that household convenience and kitchen experiments drive the online sale of groceries without any doubt. Online grocery shopping has surged in the last few years. The advent of online supermarkets in the grocery e-commerce sector has helped in this cause! Researches show that around 78 – 80% of people order grocery from online supermarkets.

The main grocery items include online vegetables, online cut-vegetables, online fruits, online milk, online meat, and online chicken along with online stationery items. Online supermarkets engage their customers with home delivery or same-day-delivery while canvassing about the top 10 online grocery items that are useful to a household!

A lockdown trend!

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown have driven sales on online grocery e-commerce sites to a new high. Some of the brands that benefitted include Groffers & Big Basket among others. Aggregators such as Zomato, Swiggy, and Jio-Mart started delivering groceries. Amazon, Flipkart, and Walmart Grocery have seen an upward trend in grocery orders in these testing times!

The E-Grocery Trends!

During the on-set of the pandemic, Kirana stores got set up to ease the delivery troubles that creep in with regard to online grocery items. The food delivery apps such as Zomato, Swiggy, and others got teamed up with Kirana through which farmers directly sell groceries & local produce. The E-Grocery market in India has seen a tremendous boom in these past few months with regard to the Covid-19 pandemic & lockdown! The online grocery orders have doubled & tripled in these times with online supermarkets on the lookout for attracting new customers day-by-day. Kitchen experiments have increased these days, which is helping out these online supermarkets to stock on groceries to meet the public demand. The E-grocery trend keeps evolving well & thrives in these testing times!

Organic & local produce in high demand

Online grocery shopping has led to a distinct shift in habits as per various shoppers. Organic online fruits, online vegetables, and online cut-vegetables are most-in-demand among grocery shoppers! Covid-19 pandemic has changed the perspectives about organic produce shopping. It has equipped at-least one member in the household to buy online groceries with ease; confidence stemming from the same-day-delivery & home delivery employed by all online supermarkets! Grocery shoppers are provided with various discounts & offers that make the shopping experience, easy & interesting!

The frequency & budget of online grocery shopping goes up!

Online grocery shopping budget got increased in these previous months. People are quite concerned about things they might not find yet important for their household. Ordering groceries at-least twice a week has become the norm among people in these testing times. The sale of online groceries has picked-up these times of lockdown as people see the need of stocking up much-needed supplies to sail them over! People don’t need items to go out of stock in their pantry.

The monthly grocery budget has gone up a notch due to multiple orders people are placing. Visit to malls have dwindled & replaced by grocery shopping online; bless the grocery e-commerce sector, online supermarkets, home delivery, and same-day-delivery. Nowadays, people order groceries twice or thrice through these online supermarkets in a week; a wonderful shopping experience indeed.

How Online Grocery Shopping saves you Money?

Online grocery shoppers get offered various discounts, which makes the whole experience affordable. Shoppers get the advantage of online-only discounts at certain online supermarkets. With the grocery e-commerce sector, people get to buy in bulk with ease. The parking costs & that of vehicle-fuel gets saved while buying grocery online!

How Home Delivery saves you Time?

Online shopping helps save time by allowing you to browse through groceries anytime rather than going to a store to look on to their aisles. You get to do online grocery shopping at your convenience. Home delivery & same-day-delivery time slots can be chosen as well.

Queues get avoided and one can shop in the comfort of their homes. Whether fulfilling a weekly shopping list or buying groceries in frenzy, you just can go online & give the order and get engrossed with your work until these groceries come to you. You get time to do the things you love.

These are the ways by which online shopping is changing the whole face of grocery shopping; making it more simple & convenient!

december 29 2020

Tips for Successful Online Grocery Shopping

Make a list & prioritize it!

A detailed list of grocery items you want to buy is a good idea for successful online grocery shopping. The online supermarkets in a grocery e-commerce sector provide you with online vegetables, online cut-vegetables, online fruits, online milk, online meat, and online chicken along with online stationery items. You get to buy things from the top 10 online grocery items list. As you are aware, it is important to figure out what you are buying (a list) before logging in to an online supermarket. Menu planning services help you make a prioritized & consolidated list for at-least a week.

Flexibility is key!

A flexible and easy shopping routine is always a streamlined experience of buying groceries. As a matter of fact, be prepared for possible substitutes. Observe & know more about the inventory of online orders as they can be different from what’s in a physical store-outlet. Lookout for quality stores that sell your grocery brands. In general, get the grocery you want from an online supermarket & not the other way around.

No waiting until the last minute

It is wise to order-in the groceries for at least two to three days all your supplies run down & pick up the times comfortable to you for home delivery or the same-day-delivery. Although there might be options of scheduling & re-scheduling the delivery times, just try and stick to a routine by prioritizing it. Just be prepared by planning ahead as you don’t want to wait till the last minute.

A store-pick-up option can be the last resort

A curb-side pickup saves money & can be easier than the actual grocery delivery in some cases. In emergencies, you might have to step out of your home & this can be a good opportunity to pick-up groceries from the store after ordering them online. Stores with drive-through help save you time in this regard and designated parking spaces serve as a place for packing the groceries into your car! This is undoubtedly a huge convenience while picking up groceries in adverse weather conditions!

A good time to test multiple options

Proper & keen observations show that not all delivery services are the same. Some online supermarkets promise same-day-delivery and services for the same fee, while others offer a home-delivery the next or day-after according to your convenience. The groceries are priced higher than a delivery fee! Also, the price of online groceries charged by certain independent delivery services is not as that you see in a store. Once you order the groceries, you just wait for it to arrive while keeping yourself busy with family or work; convenience at its best!

Train yourself to be an eco-friendly online shopper

If you observe, there are plenty of ways to maintain sustainability while doing online grocery shopping. Less-weight packages translate to lower carbon emissions during the whole shipping process. Carton packages are some-what lighter than cans and most of them get made from renewable materials. All types of food items can get transported in cartons. Shelf-stable cartons get used for transporting online milk or plant-based dairy alternatives. Ice can be eliminated this way while packaging the online milk in shelf-stable cartons. High-quality items get delivered to your doorstep or refrigerator and you get to be an eco-friendly shopper after buying groceries online; a win-win situation indeed!

Don’t expect absolute perfection!

Once in a while, the grocery orders can get mixed up & be prepared for such an event. It mostly does not happen that way, but remember that anyone can make silly mistakes; the delivery guys included. If possible you can include comments or suggestions while filling out the grocery orders as per your most-needed list!


The above listed topics include various tips for successful online grocery shopping. Have a look at it and be smart while going about your online grocery shopping.

March 18 2020

Tips to deliver better online grocery shopping

A boom in online grocery shopping

The advent of online supermarkets in the grocery e-commerce sector started a boom in this area. These booming online supermarkets make headlines in useful new trends that attract & catch-on among all consumers globally. Convenience with the options of home delivery or same-day-delivery helps in online supermarkets being a hit among laymen & masses. Online grocery shopping focus on selling various items such as online vegetables, online cut-vegetables, online fruits, online milk, online meat, and online chicken along with online stationery items! Online supermarkets usually sell those things that are in the top 10 online grocery items; pretty convenient & useful!

As mentioned, online shopping gained & covered a lot of ground quickly among all ages as well as geographies. From a grocery e-commerce standpoint, there is no better time than now to invest in this sector; so, what are you waiting for?

Speed and ease of use

Simplicity & usability should be made the top priorities with regards to online supermarkets in a grocery e-commerce sector. Consumers easily register, find the groceries they need, add items to a cart, and review & edit the order (if needed) before moving onto a secure online payment portal. It’s wise to enable filtering per sub-groups as that aids in a search-speed-up!

All relevant product information gets included such as high-quality pictures as well as clearly-labeled brand names, ingredients with nutritional value & allergens, pack-size, and price. Expiry dates are a must. Supporting the returning shoppers gets you good references. Consumers get to access previous orders. Activated shopping lists help with adding priority-buys, staples, and family favorites. The registered customers get to see their shopping history while sharing an online basket with family members. Short load times are always handy. In short, keep it simple & usable!

Important Information Up-Front!

The most important information should be put on up-front! These include shipping prices & times, geographical areas, any delivery restrictions, or any special conditions. During check-out, all steps need to be clearly labeled as the shoppers will know what comes up next. Options to modify the order before the secure online payment portal is definitely a good idea. A progress bar adds clarity to the whole shopping experience. The “order-completed page” contains all key-information summarized, which includes grocery items purchased, delivery & payments, time of order, and an idea of how the customers want to be communicated; helps with a streamlined shopping experience.

A store-pick-up option can be the last resort

A curb-side pickup saves money & can be easier than the actual grocery delivery in some cases. In emergencies, you might have to step out of your home & this can be a good opportunity to pick-up groceries from the store after ordering them online. Stores with drive-through help save you time in this regard and designated parking spaces serve as a place for packing the groceries into your car! This is undoubtedly a huge convenience while picking up groceries in adverse weather conditions!

Different Platforms

In this new era of online supermarkets & the grocery e-commerce sector, consumers access websites through mobile-phones rather than from computers. One should set up an e-commerce website that’s responsive with clear visuals and easy to work with. The information needs to be visible on small mobile-phone screens with customers able to easily glide & move through various categories of groceries. These categories include online vegetable, online cut-vegetables, online fruits, online milk, online meat, online chicken, and online stationery. The transactions should be easily portable from one device to another too; convenience re-defined!

Easy to Navigate

An easy-to-navigate menu helps with finding the organized section of endless aisles. The top-level categories get accessed from a top-menu enabling customers to filter & sort items by price, type, brand, group, and review scores. Skim-through information works wonders along with a search-function with predictive suggestions. The “buy” button needs to be clearly visible and adding a checkmark for confirmation of items selected is definitely a good idea.

Flexible Delivery

Flexible delivery options are always a catch among customers and these get offered through several delivery options and time slots. Be specific with delivery times. It is wise to offer both home delivery as well as same-day-delivery. Suggest & allow people to pick the one time that best fits their schedule. Choose delivery methods that help with being flexible & develop a good rapport among customers.

High quality guaranteed & make it all work seamlessly well!

Quality of grocery items based on its perishable index & other factors needs to be looked upon while guaranteeing a high quality of products. Delivery options should preserve product quality. Detailed information needs to be provided for fresh produce. Customer reviews are taken into account. Exchanging of products should be made possible. A high-quality website helps with good sales as well.

So, these are the main tips that help in delivering a better online grocery shopping experience.

March 18 2020